July 20th, 2007

It was the biggest dream of Shubham Malhotra, 2nd Yr to have a common forum where we could assist aspiring BITSians in making their decisions. Again my hearty congratulations to Abhinav & Abhimanyu for taking that dream forward and reaching out.
I guess everyone reading this had already gone through This shows what you can achieve if you dare to do so. I dont like people comparing or analysing based on statistics while making a decision. I believe it is not worth it. At the end of it all, it is basically “You” & “Your Ambition” that count. The institution and its support facilities are only secondary.
Now I would rather suggest some things which come to my mind which you as an aspiring BITSian can do if you come to Goa Campus
1st year you learn the system
2nd year you live with it and its nuances
3rd year you work to change the system
4th Year/5th Year you are too tired of it and you work towards improving yourself

1. Well study - thats what you come to do right. Be a bookworm and GHOT (Generate Heat on Table ) ok perfect.
2. You are like me who wants to be part of a team and do a big task collectively. Join the huge number of clubs and associations that are here.
3. You are a techie like Roshan (dont tell me you havent heard of him yet. arey bhai logon koi bata do inko - the proudest creation of BITS Goa 2004) - you do wacky technical stuff. Projects and things. Now you will say - “Faculty nahin hain” who says ?? Project tumhe karna hai ya unhe. “Items nahin hain” - Arey Baba you are doing the project na. No one has done it before so you have to drop sweat atleast. It is not true that either of the above statements are in any way true. I am just saying them cause you might feel so at first glance.
4. Jhakas campus hai. Just live withthe tide. Exams do. Birthday parties mein jao, logon ki dhulai karo. Audience mein baitho. This is not advisable. But if you like it, you will have loads of people for company !!! Smile
5. Be a part of various initiatives already taken up in campus with an aim of leading it once your time comes - Examples are Abhigyaan, Waves, Quark Organisation Committee, All Discipline Associations, So Many Clubs (even I havent figured out Sad ), you have Project Embryo gaining steam, you have Centre for Software Development, work going on Biosensors, Nanotech. Kya kya hota rehta hai yahan !!
Ok final thing thats something even my dad tells me today which I try my best to follow. Keeping your eyes and ears open. Nahin to bahut kuch haath se fishal jayega.
6. Games, Sports, SAC mein evenings, Monginis mein gupshup, Nescafe mein maggi and what not !!!

I can probably echo sentiments here. Once you come here, what you get is the privelege of being among the best of India - best in every possible field. You will be among National Sports Champions, Academic Olympians, Toppers, Brainos, Techies. What will distinguish us all is the intensity of our ambition.

So best of luck guys & gals, hope to meet you at B Wing on 1st August


PS - Yahan ragging nahin hogi (Kyon bhai log, nahin hogi na !!! : ) OB NOT. sirf BITSIAN intro)
Kripya karke mujhe cutoff mat poochna koi. I dont know. I didnnt give BITSAT. I was a board topper. And nor would I be able to know this years anyways !!
Acha Thodi si intro de hi deta hoon.
I am Aalap Tripathy, now a student of 4th Year, BE Hons, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), BITS Pilani Goa Campus
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

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July 20th, 2007

I have been writing on numerous websites for years now. Now that I have my own domain, it’s time to put them together. Now, I had wordpress installed for quite sometime, but could never finally migrate over here. Just decided to shift here permanently. Let’s see how good I can be in blogosphere.