BITS V/s IITs ?? Is it valid ??

cartman_eric wrote:
2 campuses are more than enough
even today only the orig 5 IIT’s are respected..
sorry to say sir.. bits goa still does not command the same respect as pilani.
they should wait till goa becomes as established as pilani..
b4 even moving to hyderabad !!
sorry if this offends any1.. my personal opinion !

I seem to agree here. Except that it is not the time to draw conclusions. I do not even consider that we should demand/command respect right from now.

But mind you, you have not seen the breakneck speed at which work is done here. We might rival BITS Pilani in speed of development. What has taken the father 50 odd years, the child has stood upto it in just 3 years. I have been part of this exercise myself and I can vouch for it.

And you are right, the fast proliferation of campuses can be detrimental. However, any new BITS campus in the near term would probably be a Mgmt school as mentioned by Birlaji in one of his speeches.

We are minuscle beings in such a decision. So, it is better we keep our opinions to ourselves in this matter !!

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