NightOuts - The BITSian Story

There is one thing which Engineering education makes you - an owl (or a bat i wud say !! ) I never knew that I wud succumb to this phenomena. I saw lots of my hostel mates huddling around each other a few hours before the exam when I was in my frst year having my well earned nights sleep. Main sochta tha - yeh log pehle kyon nahin padhte. Well first year I preferred GHOTting (Generate Heat on Table) so didnt need Night Outs. Well the phenomenon began for me in 3rd semester. I had gotten my branch transfer and was kind of carefree - or rather I should say careless. My first major experience was Maths III and suddenly I had all my buddies dropppin in at my place in the dead of night cause they heard I had finished the syllabus. Unfortunately I had not and was in quite a fix myself ! I twas quite a relief to see the “big shots” slugging it out me. I felt part of the team. Now the whole of third year has been on a staple diet of night outs. You figure out he syllabus from the genies/”class worms” at the dinner table night before the exam. Go in with full josh, the handout and a few “braino” friends and a pad. One night later you are done. Well there is cooking nd munching invoved all through the night. The occassional full blast songs to wake the nieghbours out of their senses or even the late night hostel jumps right under AVK’s nose !! Often times you kind of miss the exam though. I almost missed two. Then there is another night out casualty. That comes in the night after where u wouldnt know where you dropped off to sleep. Make sure you dont have an exam the next day !! And ya there are instances of drowsiness and sleeping in the exam hall also (side effects !! )
But all in All, it gives you the confidence that however big the syllabus, you can do it, often times barely !!
Now can someone post the joke which goes something like this - “You ask a Doctor …, You ask a … ……. you ask an engineer how long would he take to finish a big fat book - he answers when is the exam ??” He should be a BITS Night Outer for that matter !!
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

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