BITS Pilani V/s BITS Pilani Goa. Is it logical

bussa wrote:
i have been observing this community for last 1month and i think this community has created lot of bad comparisions in comparing branches at both campusesas this community is run by bitsgians they obiviously prefer bits g over bits p
and abt bit goa compsci i think it shd be give a priority far below mech infosys at pilani {there are no ibm labs or oyster labs or cisco at bits goa }
last time there were
to all my juniors also contact bitsians(pilani students) before making any decision from now because they know more abt bits pilani than bitsgians
actually bitsgians ask pilani students about ps options in 4th year

Arey baba - there is nothing like that. This forum is bits360 and not bitsg360 !! Of the many interpretations that abhimanyu and abhinav have in mind for bits360 one of them is to provide a 360 view of everything. Not a lopsided or a biased one.

I would disagree with you over the lab issue though. Although you might say - I have this, I have that - how much have you been able to make use out of it. We have new labs coming in here too but what I feel is that there is a general lack of interest among students to participate. As part of EEE Assoc, when we try and motivate people to come in a join/share/participate in projects - hardly few turn up. Same is the case for all other bodies. Is it just a diamond which you would store in a locker or wear it around. And also BITSPG is a new campus. We havent even passed out. But BITSPG is not a new college. It has the illustrious history of BITSP behind it. As BITSAAG Secretary, I have faced it first hand. The alum and seniors are so helping, accomodative and conscious of our rise. There have been over 15 alumni visits to our campus. Now you try and explain to me why they come here - do the BITSP Alum have anything to do with Goa Campus - but still they come. What does it signify - that we are as much a part of the BITS Family as anyone else. Of course, in Pilani Campus you wud have numerous advantages which you can not imagine here - that includes the labs. But is that all ??

Let us leave the comparision issue at bay. There are 7 IIT’s - is there any conflict like this !! (There might be… but definitely not publicy !! ) It is a matter of pride saying - I’m an IITian - we should all have a similar pride in saying - I’m a BITSian (rather a BITSPian !!)

The other day Shrikant (Presi, BPGC) and me were having a discussion on the same thing. Both of us had big plans, big ideas but he was equally discouraged at people not coming in and standing up for themselves - in both academics and exrtra-curriculars. However hard we try and motivate, it is always the same bunch of 100 people who came in to be part of the organising committee for anything. At the end of it, we were all disgusted. But then the event did happen. I am sure the leaders in Pilani feel the same thing though. What might differ is the degree.

Therefore we must use all our resources to motivate people into participating and “standing up” for themselves. It is not only work which they are doing for themselves, rather it is for the advancement of what I would like to call “Brand BITS”

@Bussa - u wud be surprised to know the amount of contribution the mere setup of BITS has had in the academic environment in Goa. There were teachers from Goa who were trained, mentorship and training sessions held for the students of Goa (12th standard) and close working with the Government of Goa. I have had the pleasure of meeting the Chief Secretary of Goa when he invited us over to contribute to e-governance in Goa. Now that is something that is catching up and is sure to become a big thing in future if things go the right away. Now don’t you think we have stood up to the BITS Challenge. Haven’t we done BITS Pilani proud. Wouldn’t BITS Pilani (the University) be proud of its students achievements whereever they are. Did any of this work have anything to do with what infrastructure is there on campus. I would say -yes it did - the student infrastructure.

I would salute the BITS entrance system and its selectivity. There was a recent article in the Hindu commending BITS Pilani for its selectivity which stood something around 2.5% higher than that of an IIT (some 4 odd percent I think) The minute you put this exclusive bunch of talented and gifted individuals under one roof - you have all the ingredients for success and achievement.

As for asking help for PS allotment - obviously we would ask you !! We would ask seniors/alum whenever and wherever possible. When I joined Goa Campus, I asked R K Patnaik, Ex Dean - he would not have known anything about Goa Campus - he had retired by then - but one thing he convinced me was - BITS is not a joke - it is a matter of pride to be part of such a family..

I hope you would agree with me on that.
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

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