Papa kehte hain Goa = Masti. No studies. You will booze !!

Well my parents had the exact same apprehensions (a lot infact !! ) when I was supposed to join in.
Campus is far from the booze destinations and all the so called “rave parties”. Taxis cost a fortune, so unless you have loads of pocket money spare, you wont be able to afford it. You can take the bus - but then you will need to do a lot of efforts to get the right combination. Of course if you gang up with friends, you can make the trip. But then again you will never find such time unless you are bent upon going. there is so much going on in campus. As part of the organising committee for various events, I have had a hard time taking up free slots - kyonki itna kuch hota rehta hai !! On top of that you have exams and exams and … exams - assignments, seminars, reports (uff !! ), surprise quiz, compre …… (endless list) Time hi nahin milega.
Of course admin is very strict about the 10.30 PM rule (for getting back into college) and 11 PM hostel lock down. Girls have to sign in every night.
So, I say that unless you are hell bent on breaking rules, you will never imagine going out for a booze or anything !!
Again being in a beautiful and well known location has its advantages. Alum, industry and experts are more than eager to visit campus - in the process sharing their wisdom and experience with us. It is as good as being in a Metro - well connected - bus, train, road (and did I forget the Airport ) Most passenger planes and air force aircraft flying over us all the time. You don’t fell you are lost in the middle of nowhere. You have decent shops at Panjim - so the bottom heavy guy can lighten up with the latest wares.
Acha, yeh sab to maine masti ki cheezen boli - par freshers you are coming to study - masti ke liye thodi !!
Agar mummy pappa bolte hain ki goa ganda hai, tum bigad jaoge to please let them speak to us once. Andar ki baat to jan lo ek bar !!

PS : I would be lying if I didn’t say that there have been exceptions
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

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