Cives Romanus

Not being versed in Latin, I would scarcely be expected to make meaning of this, but I will give it a try.

“civis” is sometimes defined in cheap Latin dictionaries as “city-dweller”. It means “citizen” So Cives Romanus would loosely translate to “Citizen of Rome”. The reason I find this exciting is that during the heydays of the Roman Empire (2000 years ago) a Roman Citizen could walk across the face of the “known” world without fear. As President Bartlet (the protagonist of the West Wing) puts it - “So great was the fear of sure retribution for harm to a Roman Citizen” that nobody would dare hurt him. Would any citizen of any nation have the same feeling today. One might expect that an American Citizen might think so, but I am convinced that with the scourge of terrorism gripping America today, Cives Americanus would be the most insecure citizen. At what cost ? If only a Roman plutocracy could generate such a level of protection, why nothing can be done today ?

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