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BITS V/s IITs ?? Is it valid ??

Friday, July 20th, 2007
cartman_eric wrote:
2 campuses are more than enough
even today only the orig 5 IIT’s are respected..
sorry to say sir.. bits goa still does not command the same respect as pilani.
they should wait till goa becomes as established as pilani..
b4 even moving to hyderabad !!
sorry if this offends any1.. my personal opinion !

I seem to agree here. Except that it is not the time to draw conclusions. I do not even consider that we should demand/command respect right from now.

But mind you, you have not seen the breakneck speed at which work is done here. We might rival BITS Pilani in speed of development. What has taken the father 50 odd years, the child has stood upto it in just 3 years. I have been part of this exercise myself and I can vouch for it.

And you are right, the fast proliferation of campuses can be detrimental. However, any new BITS campus in the near term would probably be a Mgmt school as mentioned by Birlaji in one of his speeches.

We are minuscle beings in such a decision. So, it is better we keep our opinions to ourselves in this matter !!

NightOuts - The BITSian Story

Friday, July 20th, 2007

There is one thing which Engineering education makes you - an owl (or a bat i wud say !! ) I never knew that I wud succumb to this phenomena. I saw lots of my hostel mates huddling around each other a few hours before the exam when I was in my frst year having my well earned nights sleep. Main sochta tha - yeh log pehle kyon nahin padhte. Well first year I preferred GHOTting (Generate Heat on Table) so didnt need Night Outs. Well the phenomenon began for me in 3rd semester. I had gotten my branch transfer and was kind of carefree - or rather I should say careless. My first major experience was Maths III and suddenly I had all my buddies dropppin in at my place in the dead of night cause they heard I had finished the syllabus. Unfortunately I had not and was in quite a fix myself ! I twas quite a relief to see the “big shots” slugging it out me. I felt part of the team. Now the whole of third year has been on a staple diet of night outs. You figure out he syllabus from the genies/”class worms” at the dinner table night before the exam. Go in with full josh, the handout and a few “braino” friends and a pad. One night later you are done. Well there is cooking nd munching invoved all through the night. The occassional full blast songs to wake the nieghbours out of their senses or even the late night hostel jumps right under AVK’s nose !! Often times you kind of miss the exam though. I almost missed two. Then there is another night out casualty. That comes in the night after where u wouldnt know where you dropped off to sleep. Make sure you dont have an exam the next day !! And ya there are instances of drowsiness and sleeping in the exam hall also (side effects !! )
But all in All, it gives you the confidence that however big the syllabus, you can do it, often times barely !!
Now can someone post the joke which goes something like this - “You ask a Doctor …, You ask a … ……. you ask an engineer how long would he take to finish a big fat book - he answers when is the exam ??” He should be a BITS Night Outer for that matter !!
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

BITS Pilani V/s BITS Pilani Goa. Is it logical

Friday, July 20th, 2007
bussa wrote:
i have been observing this community for last 1month and i think this community has created lot of bad comparisions in comparing branches at both campusesas this community is run by bitsgians they obiviously prefer bits g over bits p
and abt bit goa compsci i think it shd be give a priority far below mech infosys at pilani {there are no ibm labs or oyster labs or cisco at bits goa }
last time there were
to all my juniors also contact bitsians(pilani students) before making any decision from now because they know more abt bits pilani than bitsgians
actually bitsgians ask pilani students about ps options in 4th year

Arey baba - there is nothing like that. This forum is bits360 and not bitsg360 !! Of the many interpretations that abhimanyu and abhinav have in mind for bits360 one of them is to provide a 360 view of everything. Not a lopsided or a biased one.

I would disagree with you over the lab issue though. Although you might say - I have this, I have that - how much have you been able to make use out of it. We have new labs coming in here too but what I feel is that there is a general lack of interest among students to participate. As part of EEE Assoc, when we try and motivate people to come in a join/share/participate in projects - hardly few turn up. Same is the case for all other bodies. Is it just a diamond which you would store in a locker or wear it around. And also BITSPG is a new campus. We havent even passed out. But BITSPG is not a new college. It has the illustrious history of BITSP behind it. As BITSAAG Secretary, I have faced it first hand. The alum and seniors are so helping, accomodative and conscious of our rise. There have been over 15 alumni visits to our campus. Now you try and explain to me why they come here - do the BITSP Alum have anything to do with Goa Campus - but still they come. What does it signify - that we are as much a part of the BITS Family as anyone else. Of course, in Pilani Campus you wud have numerous advantages which you can not imagine here - that includes the labs. But is that all ??

Let us leave the comparision issue at bay. There are 7 IIT’s - is there any conflict like this !! (There might be… but definitely not publicy !! ) It is a matter of pride saying - I’m an IITian - we should all have a similar pride in saying - I’m a BITSian (rather a BITSPian !!)

The other day Shrikant (Presi, BPGC) and me were having a discussion on the same thing. Both of us had big plans, big ideas but he was equally discouraged at people not coming in and standing up for themselves - in both academics and exrtra-curriculars. However hard we try and motivate, it is always the same bunch of 100 people who came in to be part of the organising committee for anything. At the end of it, we were all disgusted. But then the event did happen. I am sure the leaders in Pilani feel the same thing though. What might differ is the degree.

Therefore we must use all our resources to motivate people into participating and “standing up” for themselves. It is not only work which they are doing for themselves, rather it is for the advancement of what I would like to call “Brand BITS”

@Bussa - u wud be surprised to know the amount of contribution the mere setup of BITS has had in the academic environment in Goa. There were teachers from Goa who were trained, mentorship and training sessions held for the students of Goa (12th standard) and close working with the Government of Goa. I have had the pleasure of meeting the Chief Secretary of Goa when he invited us over to contribute to e-governance in Goa. Now that is something that is catching up and is sure to become a big thing in future if things go the right away. Now don’t you think we have stood up to the BITS Challenge. Haven’t we done BITS Pilani proud. Wouldn’t BITS Pilani (the University) be proud of its students achievements whereever they are. Did any of this work have anything to do with what infrastructure is there on campus. I would say -yes it did - the student infrastructure.

I would salute the BITS entrance system and its selectivity. There was a recent article in the Hindu commending BITS Pilani for its selectivity which stood something around 2.5% higher than that of an IIT (some 4 odd percent I think) The minute you put this exclusive bunch of talented and gifted individuals under one roof - you have all the ingredients for success and achievement.

As for asking help for PS allotment - obviously we would ask you !! We would ask seniors/alum whenever and wherever possible. When I joined Goa Campus, I asked R K Patnaik, Ex Dean - he would not have known anything about Goa Campus - he had retired by then - but one thing he convinced me was - BITS is not a joke - it is a matter of pride to be part of such a family..

I hope you would agree with me on that.
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

Papa kehte hain Goa = Masti. No studies. You will booze !!

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Well my parents had the exact same apprehensions (a lot infact !! ) when I was supposed to join in.
Campus is far from the booze destinations and all the so called “rave parties”. Taxis cost a fortune, so unless you have loads of pocket money spare, you wont be able to afford it. You can take the bus - but then you will need to do a lot of efforts to get the right combination. Of course if you gang up with friends, you can make the trip. But then again you will never find such time unless you are bent upon going. there is so much going on in campus. As part of the organising committee for various events, I have had a hard time taking up free slots - kyonki itna kuch hota rehta hai !! On top of that you have exams and exams and … exams - assignments, seminars, reports (uff !! ), surprise quiz, compre …… (endless list) Time hi nahin milega.
Of course admin is very strict about the 10.30 PM rule (for getting back into college) and 11 PM hostel lock down. Girls have to sign in every night.
So, I say that unless you are hell bent on breaking rules, you will never imagine going out for a booze or anything !!
Again being in a beautiful and well known location has its advantages. Alum, industry and experts are more than eager to visit campus - in the process sharing their wisdom and experience with us. It is as good as being in a Metro - well connected - bus, train, road (and did I forget the Airport ) Most passenger planes and air force aircraft flying over us all the time. You don’t fell you are lost in the middle of nowhere. You have decent shops at Panjim - so the bottom heavy guy can lighten up with the latest wares.
Acha, yeh sab to maine masti ki cheezen boli - par freshers you are coming to study - masti ke liye thodi !!
Agar mummy pappa bolte hain ki goa ganda hai, tum bigad jaoge to please let them speak to us once. Andar ki baat to jan lo ek bar !!

PS : I would be lying if I didn’t say that there have been exceptions
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

The “IT” at BITS Pilani Goa Campus

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Well, what I am missing is the best thing BITS Pilani Goa Campus has to offer !! DC or rather I should call it CD for the prying eyes of the network admins.
Among all the things that you can do at BITS - I somehow forgot to mention CD
1. Be a CD Spammer
2. Be a CD Dowload freak. Make sure you come with a bigggggg hard disk cause you will be tempted to download all 12 TB at one go. You will burn your port no doubt, and then you will have burned your hard disk but its fun. No exams/reports the next day - download the latest flick (yet unreleased in theatres) and spend the night preferably with friends !! and say yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo
3. Or just while away time arguing on main chat. Its like talking to 300 people at a time with a big mike !!!
4. Irritate the admins by commenting about them and their love life !! Choosbummmmmm

Chalo Choos if you have the time, please continue this pandering. I think CD is the best thing I have seen in BITS !!!
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus post

Friday, July 20th, 2007

It was the biggest dream of Shubham Malhotra, 2nd Yr to have a common forum where we could assist aspiring BITSians in making their decisions. Again my hearty congratulations to Abhinav & Abhimanyu for taking that dream forward and reaching out.
I guess everyone reading this had already gone through This shows what you can achieve if you dare to do so. I dont like people comparing or analysing based on statistics while making a decision. I believe it is not worth it. At the end of it all, it is basically “You” & “Your Ambition” that count. The institution and its support facilities are only secondary.
Now I would rather suggest some things which come to my mind which you as an aspiring BITSian can do if you come to Goa Campus
1st year you learn the system
2nd year you live with it and its nuances
3rd year you work to change the system
4th Year/5th Year you are too tired of it and you work towards improving yourself

1. Well study - thats what you come to do right. Be a bookworm and GHOT (Generate Heat on Table ) ok perfect.
2. You are like me who wants to be part of a team and do a big task collectively. Join the huge number of clubs and associations that are here.
3. You are a techie like Roshan (dont tell me you havent heard of him yet. arey bhai logon koi bata do inko - the proudest creation of BITS Goa 2004) - you do wacky technical stuff. Projects and things. Now you will say - “Faculty nahin hain” who says ?? Project tumhe karna hai ya unhe. “Items nahin hain” - Arey Baba you are doing the project na. No one has done it before so you have to drop sweat atleast. It is not true that either of the above statements are in any way true. I am just saying them cause you might feel so at first glance.
4. Jhakas campus hai. Just live withthe tide. Exams do. Birthday parties mein jao, logon ki dhulai karo. Audience mein baitho. This is not advisable. But if you like it, you will have loads of people for company !!! Smile
5. Be a part of various initiatives already taken up in campus with an aim of leading it once your time comes - Examples are Abhigyaan, Waves, Quark Organisation Committee, All Discipline Associations, So Many Clubs (even I havent figured out Sad ), you have Project Embryo gaining steam, you have Centre for Software Development, work going on Biosensors, Nanotech. Kya kya hota rehta hai yahan !!
Ok final thing thats something even my dad tells me today which I try my best to follow. Keeping your eyes and ears open. Nahin to bahut kuch haath se fishal jayega.
6. Games, Sports, SAC mein evenings, Monginis mein gupshup, Nescafe mein maggi and what not !!!

I can probably echo sentiments here. Once you come here, what you get is the privelege of being among the best of India - best in every possible field. You will be among National Sports Champions, Academic Olympians, Toppers, Brainos, Techies. What will distinguish us all is the intensity of our ambition.

So best of luck guys & gals, hope to meet you at B Wing on 1st August


PS - Yahan ragging nahin hogi (Kyon bhai log, nahin hogi na !!! : ) OB NOT. sirf BITSIAN intro)
Kripya karke mujhe cutoff mat poochna koi. I dont know. I didnnt give BITSAT. I was a board topper. And nor would I be able to know this years anyways !!
Acha Thodi si intro de hi deta hoon.
I am Aalap Tripathy, now a student of 4th Year, BE Hons, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), BITS Pilani Goa Campus
Aalap Tripathy
4th Yr BE Hons EEE,
BITS Pilani Goa Campus

Let’s get started

Friday, July 20th, 2007

I have been writing on numerous websites for years now. Now that I have my own domain, it’s time to put them together. Now, I had wordpress installed for quite sometime, but could never finally migrate over here. Just decided to shift here permanently. Let’s see how good I can be in blogosphere.