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Objectivity and the European Union

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

My interest in reading brought me to another classic “The Complete - Yes Minister” by Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay which I have been re-reading for the past few days. My dad has an amazing collection of “delectable” books. (I know - should be food!! but hey this is “My” Blog and “My Rules”) Since I am crazy for bureaucracy and red-tapeism which my Dad “supposedly” practices daily in Office, I kind of find these books funny and humorous. I remember a time when I was probably in second or third grade that “Yes Minister” used to come in on Doordarshan. Even then I had an enjoyable time pulling Dad’s legs.

Ok. this blog post is about something very interesting I read. I will make the effort of typing it all in full :

Jim Hacker, the Minister in charge of the fictitious Department of Administrative Affairs (DAA) in Her Majesty’s Government says - “We went into the EEC (the old version of the European Union) to strengthen the international brotherhood of free nations”

To this Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Permanent Under Secretary to the DAA (the Departmental Head, roughly equivalent to what my Dad is in the State Government) says - “We went in to screw the French by spitting them off from the Germans. The French went in to protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition. The Germans went in to cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race.”

Cynical no doubt. But Sir Humprey did make a point here. Of course realities today might be evaluated differently. But this coming in a comic composition almost a generation back (I have a 1997 reprint) has had me thinking. What do you say ?